I Wanted to Bake Cookies for You

I know that it is very hard to be living in this world right now.  It is hard to live with such uncertainty and such rapid change.  It is stressful to think about the future and to think about the past.  It can be difficult to live with other people who are feeling stressed and anxious.

half dozen chocolate chip cookies on wooden table with black coffee in a cup
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Pexels.com

While I am so grateful that we have tele-health options available for our sessions, I am also disappointed and a little angry that the choice whether to use tele-health was not mine to make.   I can hold those two feelings, gratitude and disappointment, and notice that it is really possible to feel both.

When I think about what you may be experiencing in this turbulent time, I want to be able to help.   The very real desire I have been feeling is about taking care. In my mind, I wanted to bake you some cookies….bring you a pot of soup…..offer connection and caring and a moment of peace.

However, I can’t do everything that I would wish I could do.  I cannot see you in person, and I cannot bake cookies for you.  However, what I can do is offer the telehealth visits, and I can also offer a message a couple of times each week.  If you are interested in seeing those messages, you can head to my resurrected blog and sign up to get a notice by email when I have posted something new.  This is a small gift to you, something else to help you get through these potentially difficult days while we adjust.

It isn’t cookies but it is something.



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